Trend; Broderie Anglaise

Trend; Broderie Anglaise

One trends to really stick out this season is ‘broderie anglaise’

Broderie anglaise has been around for ages (dating back to the 19th century) however it has become really popular this year. The fabric is often made from 100% cotton and due to its embroidery cutwork very suitable for the warmer months.


Duo to its popularity you can now find it everywhere. From the biggest designers to high street shops such as Zara and H&M

Maybe Broderie anglasie has become so popular since it’s so easy to style. You can wear anyway you want to. It’s very cute as a dress or top or even as a short. Also broderie anglaise is not only available in white you also find in different tints of blue and red.

In my opinion broderie anglaise is suitable for almost everything. Especially for festivals, parties, or just as your favorite holiday shirt!

Are you on this trend?




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