Sale Guide part 1; the do’s and dont’s

Sale Guide part 1; the do’s and dont’s

We all love a good sale but how do you make sure you pick up the right items?

I have drawn up some top tips that you can follow to score that great bargain!


  • Your homework aka search for complimentary discount codes. A good tip can be to sign up for your favourite websites newsletter for example Farfetch; they recently emailed an additional 20% off sale code to all their newsletter subscriber. How nice is that?

 An additional tip is reading blogpost; some bloggers do us the major favour of collecting all the good       discount codes and for us. My personal favourites are Emma Hill and Chase Amie, their blogposts are the best when it comes to finding good sale deals.

  • Invest! When I say invest I mean; buy the item you have been lusting after for months. Now, with a good discount is the time to treat yourself. For example, my weakness; Acne studios, who does not love their chunky knitwear, their sneakers and their insane jackets? Acne is having a sale right now and if you’re lucky enough to find your favourite item on sale then go for it.
  • Prepare a wishlist; It’s so simple and it really saves lots of time especially when you’re scared your item will sell out fast. Just create an account and add all the stuff you want to your wishlist. When the sale starts just refresh your wishlist to see if any of your items has gone on sale and then Just add all your items from your wishlist to your basket, it is as simple as that!


  • I know this sounds a bit contradictory but don’t spend hours and hours online browsing all the sale sections. I know a sale is tempting but stick to your style and don’t buy (designer) items just because their discounted. In the end, you always end up not wearing the items that don’t really suit you.
  • Check everything; a sale is great but remember businesses always want to make a profit. Check for import duties, shipping cost and any other additional ‘cost’. Also, are you sure you can return the item when you’re not happy? Some websites are not clear about their return policy and try to hide the fact you will have to pay for the return shipping or worse a return/refund is not possible. Always double check!


For me the fabric and composition of the clothing item determines the price, not the brand or the design. Does it contain mohair, silk, cashmere or leather? then a higher price is acceptable. Is it 100% polyester? Or does it contain a very high percentage of a synthetic fibre based fabric? Never pay more than 30.

Always always always check the ‘product detail’ section and be careful about;

  • Polyester; Don’t you just love how flowy that dress looks on the model, and that same dress also has long sleeves? Looking all cute on the photo until it arrives all crumpled. You put it on and whilst your cold you still sweat and the sleeves add absolute now warmth. It is not your fault it is simply the fabric and the way the fabric is used. I am not saying polyester is always bad it is quite a good fabric to use inside of coats and jackets. It is just not a good material when used directly onto the skin. Especially Primark and Zara are notorious for using polyester as their main fabric. Zara even daring to ask more than 50 euros for a polyester dress.
  • Polyacryl; a popular fabric that lots of brands use to make their sweaters and knitwear, it even looks and feels like wool. Polyacryl gives warmth but does not provide breathability in the fabric so make sure it is mixed with cotton.
  • Polyamide (Nylon); Its certainty not as bad or as sweaty as polyester but make sure the composition is right. Stick to a good 20-30% polyamide mixed with cotton or wool.

These were my starter tips. Let me know if you have something to add to this list!



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