The Huda Beauty Pink Sands Highlighter Palette

The Huda Beauty Pink Sands Highlighter Palette

Back in August I was on holiday in Mallorca. Now one of the first things I do, when booking a trip abroad, is checking if it has a Sephora. And OMG Palma de Mallorca has!

To be honest the Sephora’s in Europe aren’t that great. They stock the usual brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced and Make up for Ever but the brands I am interested in are off course the brands that aren’t stocked. I was shocked when I saw that the Sephora in Palma de Mallorca also stocks Huda beauty and Fenty beauty.

For almost an hour of swatching all of the Fenty beauty products against the Huda beauty products I finally decided, and I bought The Huda beauty pink sands highlighter palette.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to try some Fenty beauty products but this Huda palette just intrigued me a little it more to buy it and try it out for myself after hearing the whole internet raving about it.

The review;

Now for reference I am a MAC NC15/NC20 so I am light girl with yellowy undertones. To be honest the colours do look a little dark. But thank god they do match my light skin when I apply the highlighters. The highlighter are very very pigmented. What I do is going in with my brush very lightly and then tapping once or twice to get any excess product of my brush before applying.

The colours are stunning, they are not your average neutral champagny colours. No these highlighters are pigmented, full of colour and shimmery. They don’t contain glitter but they can look overwhelming and show a little bit of skin structure when you apply to much.

Also, the colours do not wash off when applying. So the pink shade stays a bit pink.

Capri; this is the only cream highlighter in the palette. To be honest I am not a fan of cream so I was a little hesitant to try this. The packaging says that this colour will create a base and smooth’s the skin. I did not to that to me. I applied Capri with my finger and then blended the colour on my face with a Real Techniques stippling brush. It gave me a bronzy/golden shimmering base but is did not smooth my skin. A good thing was that I did no interfere with my foundation.

Santorini; a gorgeous pearly shade with hints of gold. This shade may look very icy but it is not! It has a gorgeous golden reflect to it making this a perfect shade to mix with the darker shade or wear alone when you’re a bit paler.

Azores: a true golden with light bronzy reflect. Gorgeous when tanned but also stunning when blended out on an lighter skin like I have.

Ibiza: I love a nice pink and Ibiza is truly a pinky highlight is does not have another reflect to it. Pink = Pink making this gorgeous on it own but also as an extra blush topper. I DIE!

Swatches from left to right! Capri, Santorini, Azores, Ibiza 

Conclusion: it is an expensive palette. I paid 41 euro’s which is about 35 pounds or 45 dollars or so. To me; this not a palette I am going to use every day because the colours are very pigmented and a bit different. At the same time that is exactly what makes this palate  so great. The colours are not your usual everyday colours so when you use them you can really create a blinding look. Fantastic for a night out, party, photoshoot or whatever fun thing you are going to do.


Let me know what you think go this review, and of this palette


xxx Emma 

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